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Zoos Victoria giving program

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Our growing family

Specialist milk formula for orphaned wildlife at Healesville Sanctuary's Australian Wildlife Health Centre


New nest box to accommodate a growing family of Leadbeater’s Possums in the wild


Celebrate a milestone with a fruit-filled birthday cake for one of our elephants


Nectar for our Mountain Pygmy-possums as they emerge from hibernation and look for love


Support all of our animal feeding items from birthday cakes to wombat baby formula


Incubator for critically ill babies being cared for at the Healesville Sanctuary's Australian Wildlife Health Centre


Our Fighting Extinction species

New nest box for a maturing Lord Howe Island Stick Insect looking for love


Food to keep our Detection Dogs, Uda and Rubble, fuelled for a week of fieldwork looking for signs of wild Baw Baw Frogs


Special parrot feed for our captive bred Orange-bellied Parrots


Carry box to transport an Eastern Barred Bandicoot for release in the wild


Annual vaccination for one of our Guardian Dogs charged with protecting Eastern Barred Bandicoots in the wild


All in a day's work at the zoo

Elephant pedicure to provide healthy foot care for our entire herd of Asian Elephants


Bouquet of fresh branches and leaves for the Giraffes


Box of bandages for the Australian Wildlife Health Centre


Snackpack of worms and crickets to feed the Meerkats


High protein feast to bulk up our Mountain Pygmy-possums for hibernation


Dental check-up for a one of our big cats to keep their teeth healthy, sharp and clean


A warming blanket to keep patients warm and cosy during medical procedures


Pre-release awareness and fitness training session for Helmeted Honeyeaters


Passionate people

Remote infrared cameras to observe and monitor our ‘Fighting Extinction Priority Species' in the wild


Time with Vet staff to conduct flight fitness training for a bird undergoing rehabilitation


Pruning tools for our Horticulture team to collect eucalyptus leaves for our hungry koalas


One week's salary for a Ranger on the ground in Uganda protecting Rhinos from poachers (via Rhino Fund Uganda)


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